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High Speed OMR & Document Scanners

“Whatever Creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem.”

Falcon 5+

The Falcon5+ Series of Scanners are the only scanners you can purchase that will provide a return on your investment. Reduce doc prep labor, minimize errors and costly rescans.

Falcon +

Falcon+’s One-Touch scanning increases document integrity and minimizes document prep, paper handling and other manual tasks.  With CertainScan 5.0, document security is enhanced by enabling encryption, digital signatures and user traceability measures.

Falcon® Transportable

The Universal Document Scanning Workstation
Falcon® allows operators to prep and scan documents at a faster rate than most current prep only processes.


The World Fastest Desk-Top OMR Scanner
SR-11000 is flagship of SEKONIC OMR scanner, and it could feed around 183 forms /min (A4, Letter, Legal applicable). 


High Speed HYBRID (OMR sensor + image sensor) model
SR6500HYBRID has versatility to read “mark” as well as “image” .

Scanning Software

OPEX® has a rich history of software development and innovation.
Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective way for your organization to capture, organize, and track your documents.

Who We Are

The further you reach, the farther you’ll get, OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. is the international-tier business you require in order to improve your business and acquire premium-grade, one-stop products and services for document processing and specialized work around for Document Scanners, ICR, OCR, or OMR. OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. is a solutions provider for Document Scanning, form Processing and Print Solutions when it comes to ICR, OCR, Document Flow, and Form Printing.

If you require improved Document Scanning, optical character recognition, optical mark recognition, or intelligent character recognition on an international-level, then OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. is the company you’re searching for.

Instead of going to different providers for separate Document Scanning, OCR, OMR, and ICR services you can acquire them all in one place at OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. Logistically and cost-effectively speaking, this is the best deal around.

The most important thing you need to know about OMR India Outsources Pvt. Ltd. when it comes to its services is that it’s a specialist that’s cost-effective. It’s a company that “thinks big”, which means you, will be receiving encoding, character recognition, and even handwriting recognition services on a more global scale that takes into consideration your needs in branching out.

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