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Sekonic SR-11000

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The world fastest Desk-Top OMR Scanner


* SR-11000 is flagship of SEKONIC OMR scanner, and it could feed around 183 forms /min (A4, Letter, Legal applicable). 
* It equipped Select stacker and Inline Printer normally.
* Select stacker has function to do reverse discharge. Sheets in Output Tray are stuck the same orders as were loaded onto the Input Tray.
* High capacity Input ADF Tray (Max: 500sheets) provides easy operation on high volume OMR mark forms.


Advanced paper handling technology that ensures stable sheet feeding and handling

Our unique advanced paper handling technology provides stable sheet feeding and handling, even at ultra-high processing speeds of 183 sheets per minute. The new double function roller (Paper feed roller) accurately picks up and aligns sheets during paper loading, while the double feeding prevention rollers delicately and correctly feeds the sheets in the same way as human fingers can turn pages. Together, these prevent damage to the sheets and do not smudge the marks.

New Prism Position Sensor that constantly monitor high speed feeding

The SR-11000 has 11 position sensors, including the new Prism Position Sensors, which precisely monitor the paper handling.
The sensors constantly monitor the sheets as they are being fed at high speed to ensure precise feeding. If a feed error is detected during operation, sheet feeding is immediately stopped to avoid or reduce damage to the following OMR sheets.

Unique suction system that eliminates the causes of read errors

Our precisely designed misread prevention system is incorporated into the SR-11000. The new system can suction up materials, such as eraser shavings, sheet dust, and dirt, which can cause read errors, before the sheets reach the mark reading sensor. This new mechanism greatly reduces the number of cleaning cycles needed for the reading sensors, thus minimizing maintenance effort and cost.

Sheet detection sensor in the stacker that prevents users from forgetting to remove important OMR sheets

The SR-11000 has individual sensors installed in the main and selection trays to eliminate the danger of users forgetting to remove OMR sheets. Leaving OMR sheets in the tray during busy periods can result in much time being wasted sorting processed sheets.
The SR-11000 is designed to prevent human errors caused by the likes of forgetting to remove sheets.

One-size-fits-all stopper with improved sheet alignment for better work efficiency Adjustable sheet stopper

The stopper accurately collects the OMR sheets as they are being discharged at high speed. With a guide scale for nine standard sheet sizes, it can be adjusted for any sheet size with no steps.
Large numbers of discharged sheets can be stacked, leading to a major improvement in work efficiency for removed sheets.

Reverse discharged function that discharges sheets in their original order

A reverse discharge function discharges the OMR sheets in their original order. Simply turning the discharged stack upside-down restores the order in which the sheets were loaded into the machine.
In addition, the tray design lets you easily remove the sheets from the front of the machine. In ways like this, we are constantly focusing on improving user-friendliness.

Multi Layout for mixed types of OMR sheets

Even a mixture of different types of OMR sheets※ can be read based on individual mark rules and then output as distinct data.
※Sheets must be of the same size and use the same mark pitch.

Sheet loading system that lets you easily load large volumes of OMR sheets (Optional)A4 sheet loading assist

With the sheet loading system, you can prepare and load large numbers of OMR sheets at one time – up to 500 sheets – in the OMR sheet loading table (hopper) for processing as soon as the current batch of OMR sheets has been processed. This reduces the amount of time and effort needed to straighten and load the OMR sheets and efficiently supports high-speed and large-volume sheet processing.

Built-in ink-jet printer that reduces the work to be performed after sheet processing

The Built-in ink-jet printer prints information, such as consecutive numbering or dates, on each sheet. The printing position can be easily adjusted with the indicator. This greatly reduces the time needed for sorting processed sheets.

Valuable option *Barcode

The Bar code option can read barcode that printed or sealed on the mark forms. Barcode (Student ID, or other ID number) can save in the mark data together.

MarkView software for SR-11000

General Reading Software. MarkView is standard accessory for SR-11000.
MarkView can save Text or CSV file for easy to analyze by next application software.

Approved and Compliant with worldwide environmental regulations.

SR-11000 has following safety and standards to use of anywhere in the world.
BIS, BSMI, FCC, KCC, UL Approved. CE, RoHs Compliant