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High Speed OMR & Document Scanners

Sekonic SR-6500 HYBRID

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High Speed HYBRID (OMR sensor + image sensor) model


・SR6500HYBRID has versatility to read “mark” as well as “image” .
・SR-6500HYBRID can capture image that resolution is 100dpi to 300dpi, and color is black & white, gray, or full color.
・SR-6500HYBRID equipped Select Stacker and printer normally.
・Barcode (option) can be integrated in Select Stacker.
・ADF input tray is high capacity, so it can operate large quantity of OMR sheet.


“Twin-head sensors” (Photo reflect sensor + Contact image sensor) can capture “mark” and “image” simultaneously.

Image data can be captured by CIS, and saved to appropriated folder in computer connecting with SR-6500HYBRID.
For example, the image data can be used to archive OMR form, or to see a handwritten commnet on a OMR form.
Mark data can be captured by photo reflect sensor . It has been using for long time as SEKONIC standard to keep high accuracy same as other SEKONIC OMR.

For realizing reading accuracy 99.99%

      ・256 density detection (shows as 16 steps on a software) provides capturing mark with accuracy.
      ・SR-6500HYBRID has functions that eliminate feeding errors (double feed error, no feeding) etc. to capture mark with accuracy.

Select Stacker is standard equipment on SR-6500HYBRID.

Select Stacker can eject paper with reversal. Sheets in output tray are stacked in same order as were loaded onto input tray.

Ink-jet printer is included in Select stacker.

It can print information such as consecutive numbering, date, etc. on each sheet. Printing position can be easily adjusted with indicator.
This greatly reduces time needed for sorting processed sheets.

Notable options

Barcode option can read barcode (Student ID or other ID number) that printed pre sealed on OMR form. It can save in mark data together.
You can integrate barcode option into Select Stacker, and can select a type of barcode either horizontal or vertical.

・Software “MarkView” for SR-6500HYBRID
This is general reading software. it can save txt or csv file easily to analyze by a next application software. It can save image with txt or csv file.

Approved and compliant with worldwide Environmental regulations.

SR-6500HYBRID has following safety and standards to use of anywhere in the world.
BIS, BSMI, FCC, KCC, UL Approved, CE, RoHS Compliant