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High Speed OMR & Document Scanners

Sekonic SR-6500

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High Spec OMR 


* SR-6500 is the OMR scanner packaged for the higher volume customer.
* It equipped Select stacker and Inline Printer normally.
* High capacity Input ADF Tray (Max: 500sheets) provides easy operation on high volume OMR mark forms.


Select stacker has function to do reverse discharge. Sheets in Output Tray are stuck the same orders as were loaded onto the Input Tray

Ink jet printer includes in the select stacker and it prints information such as consecutive numbering, dates, etc on each sheet.

Friendly connect with computer via USB or RS-232C

SR-6500 OMR scanner connectable with the most of all computers (Supported USB1.1 & USB2.0)

For support accuracy rate 99.99%

* 256 density detection (shows as 16steps on the software) provides accurate capture the OMR marks.
* SR-6500 has function to eliminate double feed / no feed etc.. to capture the OMR data correctly. Also feed sensors are in the Select stacker to check the scanning every feed to keep accuracy.
* Compatible for SEKONIC OLD OMR
Easy to replace OLD SEKONIC OMR Scanner (RS-232C for SR-9000, USB for SR-5500) without improve software.

LCD display

It can show the condition of settings, the total count of scanning, etc… It’s provides operation more easy.

Valuable options

* Barcode
The Bar code option can read barcode that printed or sealed on the mark forms. Barcode (Student ID, or other ID number) can save in the mark data together.
* MarkView software for SR-6500
General Reading Software. It can save Text or CSV file for easy to analize by the next application software.

Approved and compliant with worldwide Environmental regulations

SR-6500 has following safety and standards to use of anywhere in the world.
FCC, UL, BSMI, KCC, BIS Approved. CE / RoHS Compliant