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OPEX AS7200i™

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OPEX AS7200i™

Document Capture Platform with Integrated Mail Extraction




By combining mail opening and extraction with image capture and classification, the AS7200i operator only touches the paper once to open, extract, and capture. This in-line processing also allows for printing an audit trail and sorting mail contents without a separate prep process. This translates to significantly less paper handling, fewer labor-intensive tasks, lower operational costs, and improved quality.

Simply load mail onto the mail extraction desk, pull the extracted documents out of the envelopes, and drop them onto the conveyor. The documents are then fed through a unique feeder which is capable of handling the widest range of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Advanced software is used to interpret the information, sort the contents based on a widerange of custom parameters, and output the optimized data. The AS7200i eliminates the need to transport, batch, prep, and sort between extraction and scanning. In just one pass, forms, checks, legal-sized documents, business cards, claims, receipts, file folders, and most other documents can be scanned intermixed with little or no preparation.


The AS7200i sets a standard for scanning excellence with its 300 dpi imager and exclusive multi-function feeder. No other scanner in the world offers high-performance drop-feeding, packet-feeding, and auto-feeding. It can scan multi-stream, perform in-line recognition of barcodes, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark-sense recognition (OMR), magnetic ink character recognition (MICR), and document type classification. When OPEX CertainScan™ software is equipped with VRS* technology, a variety of additional optimizations can be performed in-line including: content-based rotation, background smoothing, and more. This all adds up to unmatched image quality, recognition, and cleanup at full-speed, full-color, and full-resolution.

OPEX continues to pave the way for image capture innovations with a variety of exclusive features. There are three quick and convenient ways to manually assign a page type to documents that are difficult to identify automatically. The operator can trigger sensors on the conveyor to activate IdAssist™, tap a key on the KeyAssist™ module, or simply touch the display screen. Other notable items include a powerful quad-core PC controller, flat-panel touch-screen providing operator controls, and six output sort bins.


Eliminating prep, paper handling, and other manual tasks not only improves efficiency, but also results in superior transactional integrity. As documents are removed from envelopes and scanned, operators can view each image to ensure it is properly captured and identified. This reduces time-consuming and costly re-scanning later in the process. Moving image capture upstream also reduces information management risks. Furthermore, the AS7200i is able to scan a wide range of irregular, folded, and damaged media without the need for careful stacking, jogging, or document repair. This also ensures the conditions of the original documents are never compromised.

The unique single-pass process of the AS7200i virtually eliminates the additional prep and postprocessing costs associated with conventional document capture. A variety of industries worldwide turn to OPEX Corporation to provide them with the most advanced scanning and mail extraction solutions available. Simply put, the AS7200i is the fastest, most cost-effective, and efficient way to process mixed mail.

*VRS is a registered trademark of Kofax

Key Features

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